We look for companies where we can make a significant contribution. We help them with strategic realignment, realizing their growth potential and enhancing their operational performance in order to sustainably increase or re-establish profitability. In the selection of our investments, we do not limit ourselves to specific industries.

We actively participate in and work on the development of our companies and do not limit ourselves to holding our investments. This can include restructuring and turnaround. We interact in a fair way with employee representatives. We make our decisions with a long term perspective. In this way, we support the interests of employees, customers and suppliers.

Typcal transactions of ADMETOS are companies in special situations:

  • acquisition of non-core activities and corporate spin-offs
  • companies in need of restructuring
    • governance and/or management crises
    • production and efficiency problems
    • cost problems
    • financing difficulties
    • insolvency and self-administered insolvency plans
  • unsolved corporate successions of medium-sized companies with the need for
    • smooth succession and handover
    • preservation of the company and protection of the company culture
    • optimized payment and earn out schemes
  • solution of difficult shareholder structure, that may for example constrain growth financing
  • management buy-outs

We do not invest in start-ups, venture capital, classical minority interest or LBOs, silent partnerships or classical debt.

The acquisition targets of ADMETOS should comply with the following criteria:

Region Companies with their headquarters in Western Europe or with their core activities in German speaking countries (DACH)
Company Size Turnover between EUR 15 m and 300 m
Profitability EBITDA margin between negative and +10%
Industries We are not limited to specific industries – however we have significant expertise/synergies in

  • industrial enterprises
  • automotive
  • electronics
  • energy
  • consumer electronics
  • services
  • whole sale and retail
  • FMCG
  • TMT
  • chemical industry
Type of Investment We aim for majority investments. Yet our flexibility allows us many different types of investment as long as a majority stake can be acquired in the future:

  • majority / minority shareholdings
  • takeover of debt and debt-equity-swaps
  • fiduciary solutions
Capital Investment up to EUR 30 m per transaction
Holding Period We aim for long-term/unlimited investments.
Exit Strategy As we are financed by family owned enterprises and entrepreneurs with long term investment strategy, we only engage in selective disinvestments.