ADMETOS is an independent investment company for medium-sized businesses. We invest our equity exclusively in companies in special situations with the potential to increase their value.

Because we are privately owned, we are independent from banks, investment funds or the stock exchange and invest on a long-term basis without any pressure to sell. We are a reliable transaction partner with extensive experience in the investment business as well as in the strategic and operational realignment of medium-sized companies. We have several investment partners and all have an entrepreneurial background.

We follow an operational approach and support our companies in their realignment as an active partner for the management team with the goal of sustainably enhancing each company’s value. Our companies benefit from our extensive operational experience and from our partnership with the network of operational experts and the worldwide locations of the PRETTL Group.

In most cases the focus of the seller in the divestiture of a company is on the maximization of the purchase price. For companies in special situations further decision criteria are similarly important like reliability, professionalism and the competencies of a purchaser. These criteria especially need to be considered after the execution of the transaction as there are often tight economic and legal dependencies between purchaser, seller and the acquired company.

Through our investment partner we have unique access to operational solutions that help ensure investment success. We combine the advantages of strategic investors with financial investors’ knowledge of the M&A process. This structure combined with our access to global operational resources, manufacturing sites and manufacturing know-how distinguishes us from classic private equity companies and distressed investors. We offer real additional value.